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Can we know more what it is Move, what it does? Can we get some social links? Thank you.

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Thank you it is heplful

Move is a programming language that was created by Facebook specifically for the Libra blockchain project, which is now known as Diem. Move is designed to provide a safe and secure way to write smart contracts that can run on the Diem blockchain. The language is similar to Rust in its syntax and borrows some concepts from both Rust and Haskell. Move is focused on safety and security, and it includes features like static type checking and resource management to help prevent bugs and vulnerabilities. Move is intended to be used for creating smart contracts that will be executed on the Diem blockchain. These contracts can be used for various purposes, such as creating digital currencies, managing digital assets, and implementing financial applications. As for social links, you can find more information about Move and Diem on the following links: Move's official website: Diem's official website: Diem's GitHub repository: Diem's Twitter account: These links should provide you with a good starting point to learn more about Move and Diem and connect with the Diem community.